Micro Robot Dance
Cary Ravitz
(Uses HTML5, JavaScript, cookies.)
(To clear errors, click Reset and select a dance.)

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Dance Builder

The dance description starts with: title - author.

Then the initial formation: becket, becketccw, becketdiagonal, improper, improperfaceacross, improperwaves, reverseimproper.

Then the dance figures, which are specfied in one of two ways.
  The internal routine that lets you specify a number of options.
    The internal routines have these options:
    + means the first routine
    = another simultaneous routine (for different dancers)
      all, men, women, onemen, onewomen, twomen, twowomen
    Parameters depend on the routine.
    Options depend on the routine.
  A shortcut with no options.
    The shortcuts are listed in the menus over the text box.

"Lol" to start a shortcut means the figure starts with ladies on the left.

Prescan runs the dance through multiple cycles with no display to determine the end effects. To debug a sequence, set Prescan off (ends will jump instantly because they have no foresight).

The Debug button displays the end effects (if known) and internal routines.

There is no error checking or handling.

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